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Australian Government crest API

TypeScript port of the Australian Government's logo generator API

Serverless functions

Recently, Sam Poder made a site to generate images of the Australian Government crest with custom text. It used an obscure goverment API that was written in Kotlin and Spring Boot, and would be shut down in September 2021. I thought Sam's project was really cool so I decided to port the government API to TypeScript and Node.js so I could run it on Vercel as a serverless function. The logos my port generates are almost identical to the original ones (just some small font rendering differences), and the generation appears to be substantially faster. The actual API/query parameter usage is backwards compatible with the original implementation, but there are additional features.

While working on this project I learned a lot about the JS canvas APIs (it was my first time using them), so in the future I'll be able to make projects with more advanced graphical capabilities.