Benjamin Smith

I'm a high school student who makes hardware and software projects, and is looking to gain experience in the professional world.

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CodeDay Winter 2019

March 2-3 2019

Over the course of 24 hours, I planned and created a budget management application with another person. The application uses Onsen UI, HTML5, JavaScript, and jQuery. I wrote the backend as well as a part of the frontend. I also participated in the CodeCup CTF and got first place in Washington out of about 30 people from the age of 12 to 18. We will be continuing development of the application and publishing it when it is ready.

Enterprise Application Programmer Intern

Bellevue School District
November 2018 -

Worked with others to develop applications using various technologies including PowerApps, HTML, Semantic UI, ASP.NET, and SQL.


Seattle CoderDojo
2015 -

Assisted in running several workshops to teach kids to code in JavaScript, Python, and more.


2018 -
Website (currently closed)

I design PCBs for people who wish to build a custom mechanical keyboard.



Arduino IDE

I restored a Roto-Tellite indicator lamp module from 1966 and put it in an enclosure, along with a custom ESP8266-powered driver board. The result is a programmable WiFi-enabled indicator lamp which can display the weather, show the status of online services, communicate with IoT devices, and more.
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Arduino IDE
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I designed, assembled, and programmed a small WiFi-enabled clock which sets the time automatically.
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QMK Firmware

I designed and assembled an ergonomic split keyboard. The layout is based on the Keebio Nyquist, but features slightly larger thumb keys. It is powered by QMK firmware, which allows for easy customization of the keymap.
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Python 3
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I made a keyboard firmware generator/uploader for ATtiny85-based devices running the Micronucleus bootloader. It was designed to be very easy to use, with the keymap parameter being a simple Python dictionary.


QMK Firmware

I designed, assembled, and sold a kit for an ortholinear keyboard. I learned about creating a sellable product and managing a business.
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