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vgy.me CLI

A CLI for the image hosting website vgy.me



Use the dotnet command line tool to install:

dotnet tool install -g vgy.me



Upload an image:

$ vgy.me upload file1.png
URL: https://vgy.me/u/demo
Image URL: https://i.vgy.me/demo.png
Delete: https://vgy.me/delete/democode

Upload an image with a title and description:

$ vgy.me upload file2.png -t "Title" -d "Description"

Upload multiple images to an album:

$ vgy.me upload file1.png file2.png file3.png
Album URL: https://vgy.me/album/demo
 - https://i.vgy.me/demo1.png
 - https://i.vgy.me/demo2.png
 - https://i.vgy.me/demo3.png


Delete an image using the delete URL:

$ vgy.me delete https://vgy.me/delete/democode

Delete an image using the viewer URL or image URL:

$ vgy.me delete https://vgy.me/u/demo

Delete all images uploaded since the app was installed (does not include images uploaded as part of an album):

$ vgy.me delete all


Set userkey:

vgy.me configure "insert-userkey-here"

Remove configuration file:

vgy.me configure reset

How it works

This tool is written in C#/.NET Core and uses the CliFx framework, which provides all of the behavior of command line apps you're used to like help screens and arguments. It also provides a way to implement dependency injection, which allows all of the commands to get access to an HttpClient and the configuration data, which is stored in ~/.vgy.me.json and is loaded when the app is run. Uploading images uses the vgy.me API, and deleting them uses ScrapySharp to access the delete page and click the delete button. The tool keeps track of the files you upload in the configuration file and can use that data to look up the delete URL for an image URL. Unfortunately, the vgy.me API does not provide a delete URL for albums so the tool can't keep track of those, you have to delete them from the web interface.